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An improper microbial assessment may prevent the sale of your house and may cost you thousands of dollars not only in mold remediation costs, but the costs of re-installation of building materials to pre-existing conditions.

Testomony provided by a client:


family selling their home to a Relocation Company (Buyer) was met with panic when the Environmental Company hired by the buyer recommended their attic to be remediated.

The Environmental Company conducted a substandard microbial inspection.  Why? They collected one tape lift sample on a wooden surface that was free of visible mold.  The lab analysis detected mold spores and that was the foundation for the owners to spend money cleaning a “dust bunny”.

No direct instruments were used for the assessment.

No other samples were collected in control areas to compare results.

No scope of work was provided on what to remediate.

No levels of accepted post remediation testing were provided.

The Environmental Company contradicted detailed points in their report. Example, they requested that a licensed mold contractor conduct the work, however a note in their report in subsequent paragraph states that the U.S. Government does not support certifications and licenses.

Here’s the central theme, NO VISIBLE MOLD WAS IDENTIFIED!!!

Why remediate?  In my opinion: 

     1. Incompetent.
     2. They devalue your home. 
     3. Perhaps a 2nd return to inspect for more $$$.

The list can continue.

Clients return letter to me:

Thank you so very much Paul. Here are the notes which we sent in our email with your attachments. I appreciate your time and research into this matter. I would never want to sell someone a home with a mold problem, just as I would hope no one would do to us, and I firmly believe in your assessment. To me, this is not about cost; it about being a person of integrity and knowledge in your field. I am surprised at the actions of the contractors the relocation company hired. It is unfortunate for us and for a potential buyer who now may exclude our home from their choice because of this conflict.

Again thank you for your assistance.

We will be in contact with the results.

Have a blessed day!


Dear Xxxxxx,

Please find the attached report from Perception Environmental, a reputable and experienced mold remediation company located in Illinois. Also attached are brochures from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association), and the IDPH (Illinois Department of Public Health) that came as part of Mr. Zilinskas’s report to us. I forwarded them to you as they provide independent verification of the information used for his findings.

We would like to highlight the points that we believe are pertinent to the finding that our home does not require mold remediation treatment: 

  1. Our home does not have visible mold. At no point does the report by the XXX inspector indicate the presence of visible mold. The entire conclusion of the report is based upon one tape sample taken in the attic. Yet the manner in which the sampling was collected is invalid. Mrs. Xxxxx was physically present during the sample collection and is willing to sign an affidavit stating the same. Presumably the XXX Inspector, Ms. Xxxxx, is the qualified technician to conduct the sampling; however, Ms. Xxxxx did not conduct the sampling. In fact, she never physically entered the attic for the inspection nor the sampling. She stood on a ladder with her head barely into the attic, and then she asked a summer employee to enter the attic and take the tape samples. Where is the summer intern’s training certificate?
  2. On the contrary, our contractor spent a large amount of time in the attic, inspecting and taking instrument readings as well as photographs.
  3. Ms. Xxxxx stated to me as she descended the ladder that “this normally would not be a problem but they are probably going to require you to do something.”
  4. Ms. Xxxxx attached a certificate to her report showing she has had TWO hours of training in indoor air quality. Please note that no federal, state, nor local licensing exists for mold inspection or remediation. (See attached flyers)
  5. Our contractor has attached his lengthy resume reflecting his years of experience, education, and training in the industry.
  6. The EMLab P&K report states on page 2 of 2: “Sampling techniques, contaminants infecting samples, unrepresentative samples and other similar or dissimilar factors may affect these results.” Our inspector points out that XXX committed errors in its sampling technique. A summer employee took the sample; no one knows where the sample was taken; no photos exist of the sample area; control samples were not taken at the same time in an area of the home free of the alleged mold to compare to the levels on the attic tape; a single sample was taken from the entire attic area; moisture and humidity data was not collected; no dampness was present nor was a moisture source indicated. Additionally, no air sample was taken in the attic which is the alleged area of infection. The air samples that were taken indicated no mold issue in the home.
  7. The presence of staining to porous wood from oxidation of roofing nails does not automatically indicate the presence of mold.
  8. Our home has no sign of visible mold or mildew; the attic readings by our contractor show proper levels of humidity which do not facilitate the growth of mold; the moisture readings of the wood in the attic show that it is dry. We do not have a moisture problem in the attic to even facilitate harmful mold growth.
  9. The attached EPA flyer on mold states: “How do I get rid of mold? It is impossible to get rid of all mold and mold spores indoors; some mold spores will be found floating through the air and in house dust. The mold spores will not grow if moisture is not present.” and “Since no EPA or other federal limits have been set for mold or mold spores, sampling cannot be used to check a building’s compliance with federal mold standards.”
  10. Our home should never have been tested for mold in the first place. The inspectors from XXXXXX and XXX do not follow the guidelines printed by the EPA, AIHA, nor the Illinois Department of Public Health, which is the state in which our home is located. In the attached flyer from the Illinois Department of Public Health, you will read the following under the heading “Should My Home Be Tested For Mold?” “Testing for molds is very difficult and expensive. Homeowners must hire a contractor to test their homes. Even if testing is done, no standards exist to judge what are acceptable amounts of mold. Testing cannot determine whether health effects will occur. Mold is normally found outdoors and counts fluctuate from day to day depending on the season. Due to the uncertainties associated with testing for molds, IDPH does not recommend it in most cases. If you can see or smell mold, testing is usually not necessary. It needs to be cleaned up.
  11. Finally, our experienced, trained, and insured contractor states in the attached report: “Aspergillus identified on the tape lift sample collected by XXX are mold species that are highly aerobic and are found in almost all oxygen-rich environments. If the attic was conducive for mold growth, the tape lift sample would have identified Cladosporium and Chaetomium, which were not identified in the lab sample collected. Indoors Cladosporium and Chaetomium species may grow on surfaces when moisture is present. No moisture was present.

Should you require more detailed information or explanation, we urge to contact our contractor directly.

Thank you.

Xxxxx and Xxxxxx Xxxxx



I see I missed a call from you this evening. I apologize but I was at the first night of football practice for my son.

My husband and I have had the opportunity to sit down and read through your report and the attachments at length. We are very glad you attached those brochures as they provide validation to your statements from an independent source. We believe the report reads well and makes the case very strongly.

We do have a couple of minor wording and highlighting suggestions for the actual report you wrote that Xxxx thinks will make the argument even clearer. I will copy from your report here in this email and highlight the points Xxxx made in red.

We thank you for your time both on this report and over the phone as well as at our home, explaining patiently the finer points of this issue. Your professionalism is outstanding.

Have a nice evening.






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