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Microbial 203K Bank Loan


The bank in this case, in their infinite wisdom shut the electricity off. No electricity, no working sump-pump…then add 2 to 3 feet of ground water in the basement and what do micro-organisms need to grow?...water.

The goal of mold remediation is to return material surfaces to a satisfactory condition. The goal is not to produce a near-sterile or abiotic condition.

The total spore counts in the basement (remediated area) following microbial remediation and demolition are 650 times lower than the pre-remediation air samples collected. Additionally, the prevalent taxa in the indoor samples are the same and lower indoors than the outdoor samples collected, with no signs of excessive water intrusion (ie Relative Humidity 39%) with the moisture of the wood building components at acceptable moisture content. (15% to 17%)

 Perception completed the microbial remediation project utilizing USEPA recommended cleaning methods and the application of an EPA Registered Fungicidal Protective Coating product that offers a 10 year warranty.

The following are random photos of the work area:

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