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In a discussion with the residential home owner, the basement was flooded as a result of a defective sump pump.  Homeowner contracted services from a water restoration company.  Air moving machines were place in the basement.  It appears that all the baseboards were removed however, no drywall was removed.  No final report regarding the water remediation was provided to homeowner. (i.e. machines used, dehumidifies, water remediation specifications, relative humidity or moisture readings)


Note the photo's on the left.  Visible mold growth like a Rollercoaster appearance on the drywall. Batt fiberglass wall insulation covered with polyethylene is visibly exposed in the back basement room.  It is the opinion of Perception that “trapped” water remained behind the drywall absorbed by the insulation. The combination of the insulation, plastic sheathing and drywall provided conditions for the moisture to remain in the walls and dry out slowly.

Wood studs and doors were salvageable. Only drywall, insulation and bathroom cabinets were disposed of.

Homeowner has reported the water restoration company to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has contacted an Attorney to recover costs incurred to her home.

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